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Standards For Specialty Tea — The Leaf

The first element in evaluating quality in specialty tea is the finished tea leaf. The examination of the leaf tells many stories. With few exceptions, a well-processed tea leaf should be completely intact, unbroken, pristine, with wulongs being one of the exceptions. This element is the first to consider because it establishes the skill of the… Read more »

Minimum Quality Standards For Specialty Tea

There is no definition for specialty tea. The dictionary defines specialty as “ a product of a special kind or of special excellence”. The tea industry uses the word as a descriptor for tea that has no relationship to quality. The tea industry uses the word quality with just as much ambiguity as the word… Read more »

Time to Set a Benchmark and Define Specialty Teas?

Tea consumption has surpassed coffee consumption in bottom, from premium grade single-origin to various quality the world and further growth will be driven by tea’s reported health benefits, by cup convenience and by cup quality. The latter refers to overall quality improvement and moreover to the continued discovery of high-end specialty teas grown in the… Read more »

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